Design. Decorate. Style.

Three words, infinite possibilities. From big plans and ideas to small and everywhere in between, we’re here to make your vision a reality so you can love the space you’re in.

Who We Are

We design based on the way your live your life by taking your ideas and making them work in your space. We can work together on an update, a design strategy, implementation, or interior architecture services that will best suit your budget and your time.

We decorate by making furnishings, finishes, and accessories selections from a variety of resources tailored to your budget that range from custom to wholesale to retail. Chicago is a unique environment with world class craftsman and shopping experiences.

We style your personal items or edit and add to your collections to create a look that is truly a reflection of you and the way you live. You’re going to love the space you’re in.

Hyman Interiors will design, decorate, and style as inspired by your life, your interiors for living.

How do we do this?

You can select from our full service and flexible design packages including everything from space plans, color palette development, mood boards, and shopping lists. We work with your team, bring in our own, or cheer you on as you DIY.

You decide how you’d like collaborate throughout the project by communicating via client and vendor meetings, text, email, phone calls, and even social media. We’ll keep you updated and informed through out the project.

You will receive services from experienced professionals who are trained, educated, licensed, and insured to protecting the health, safety and welfare of you and your family. We have knowledge and expertise that extends beyond aesthetic appearance.

You remain in control of the budget by making direct purchases wherever possible. We also pass along our trade discounts which average between 5% to 20%.




How We Work

At the center of our approach is the common goal of creating a design based on your personal needs and vision.

Let’s Talk.

We’ll schedule a time talk on the phone about your project and your goals. During this chat we’ll discuss your timeline, budget, and get to know you, your taste, and your vision.

Let’s Meet.

During this consultation meeting we’ll take notes, measurements, and photos to help us put together a tailored proposal for your project. After the meeting you will receive a proposal including a recap, design inspiration, proposed next steps, and estimated design hours.

Let’s Get to Work.

Just as each client is different, every design solution is completely unique. We will utilize a variety of design services to create the perfect space for you.

LET’S Celebrate.

Once your space is finished, it’s finally time to celebrate your excellent taste and decision making skills. You can get back to enjoying your home and get back to doing what you do best – living.