Exterior Paint Color Decisions

Need help choosing exterior paint color combinations? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your exterior paint palette.

  • Decide on color options that compliment the elements of your home that can’t be changed. What color is the brick, stone or even siding if can’t be changed. Take into consideration the color of your roof shingles and even the pathways or driveway to your home. If these colors have warm undertones like tan, brown, or rust choose warm accent colors. If these colors are cool like gray, blue, or black choose cool accent colors. Some colors of tan and gray have neutral undertones and will look great with any accent color combinations!
  • Does your home have a significant architectural style? Paint manufacturers have historically accurate palettes to help guide you in making a decision. Colors that look amazing on a Painted Lady in San Francisco might look out of place on a Salt Box in Cape Cod. The perfect color palette for a Federal Style home in suburban subdivision might not highlight the architectural details on Craftsman Bungalow in the city.
    Client asked for an exterior color palette on their new home

    We also included some ideas for new lighting, planters, and additional shutters

The exterior color choices should be comprised of at least 3 parts:

  1. The field color which is your siding, stone or brick, and is the dominant color on your exterior palette. If your field color is darker, choose a lighter color. If your field color is lighter, choose a darker color.
  2. The accent color for the doors, shutters and other smaller areas. Many homeowners choose to go bold with their accent colors, while some prefer to blend in. A beautiful trend right now is to select a completely different color for just the door like a bright welcoming yellow, a cheerful teal, or dramatic glossy black.
  3. The trim color for window and door casings, roof edging, railings. This color should contrast strongly with the field color. Many homeowners choose white, off white, or black for this option.
  4. If you have significant other trim work this would be the optional 4th color choice.

Painting the exterior of your home is expensive and not something you are likely to do often so choosing the right color combination is important. Hyman Interiors is proud to offer home owners a service for selecting and visualizing paint color combinations before you try them out.

Residence _as_is
Client wanted to see trim and front door color options
Cheery blue trim and green door

We’ll visit your home and take a look at some color combinations that fit your home, location, and personality. We’ll decide on the best 3 combinations and then paint your home through the magic of photoshop so you can decide on your favorite color combination.

The bright yellow door is accented by a subtle gray trim

As you know, just like interior paint, exterior paint colors can look very different on the chip than they will on your home. We recommend testing the paint on your home and viewing it at different times of day like morning, noon at full light, and at dusk or night time. You may even want to view the colors during different weather conditions from bright sunshine to cloudy and overcast. Make sure you love it and then go for it! You’ll feel confident in your decision and be happy with your the new look of your home!

Client also asked for a bold red trim and door